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 Obtaining an IP Adress

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PostSubject: Obtaining an IP Adress   Obtaining an IP Adress Icon_minitimeSat Jan 20, 2007 3:03 pm

Obtaining an IP Address.

Well, many people have sent me E-Mails asking how you get an IP
address, so here are three very quick and easy methods that have been
written about hundreds of times by now.

Obtaiing an IP from MSN Messenger.

Firstly we learn the method used by most people when they want to get
someone elses IP Address.

Step 1 - Start MSN Messenger and login as yourself.

Step 2 - Hit your "Start" button and click run. Type into the white box
"Command" (without the quotation marks)

Step 3 - Type in "Netstat -N" (without the quotation marks) into the
black box and hit enter.

Step 4 - Start a conversation with your 'victim' and send them a file.
Once they accept the file Hit your "Start" button and click run. Type
into the white box "Command" (without the quotation marks) and Type in "Netstat -N" (without the quotation marks) into the black box and hit

Step 5 - Look in the middle column of both your MS Dos boxes and look
in the newer wndow for the IP address that has magically appeared in
the middle column. This is your victim's IP Address.

Obtaiing an IP from an E-Mail.

Ok, lets say the person does not use MSN Messenger (can't blame them)
we can get an IP address from most E-Mail address. In this example we
shall use Outlook Express to view the E-Mails in.

Step 1 - Load Outlok express and left click on an E-Mail that was sent
from your 'victim'

Step 2 - Right click this E-Mail and click the "Properties" button.

Step 3 - Now Click on the tab displaying as it's text "Details" and
look for the buttom saying "Message Source", once found (not hard) click it.

Step 4 - Look in all the jargon for something like "X-Originating-IP: "
with a number after the colon. This number is the sender's IP Address.

Step 5 - If you cannot find "X-Originating-IP: " then do not worry.
Look for instead "Received:", and go along this string untill you come
to a nuber in brackets, this however maybe an IP but it might not be
the IP address of the 'victim', infact if they sent the E-Mail from a
we E-Mail service (like hotmail.com) then chances are it is not their
IP address.

Obtaiing an IP from Physical Access.

If you have physical access to a computer then getting the IP address
is simple.

Step 1 - Click the "Start" button and hit "Run". Type in "Command" and
hit enter.

Step 2 - Type in "ipconfig" OR "winipcfg" and hit enter now look for
where it says "IP Address:", next to this is the IP of the computer you
are using.

But lets say it is a school computer, what if they have removed the run
button or removed the MS Dos prompt, well then you load the Internet
and navigate to either: http://www.whatismyip.com
both of these websites will display the IP Address of the current

************************************************** *********************

So now you should know three methods of getting the IP address from a
computer, handy for system administrators using R.A.T's.

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Obtaining an IP Adress
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