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 Cool - Metalhand Cursor

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Cool - Metalhand Cursor Empty
PostSubject: Cool - Metalhand Cursor   Cool - Metalhand Cursor Icon_minitimeWed Jan 31, 2007 8:18 am

Hey hey I found a nice cursor Wink
Check this out

Cool - Metalhand Cursor Downloadcursorbk7.th

You just have to download it here:


Just click the Metalhand and it will download.
Open the .zip file and copy the Metalhand.cur into:


Then pick Cofigurationscreen > Mouse > Cursors
I did the Metalhand as link cursor, but you can use it as the normal cursor also offcourse. Razz

Have fun~

Cool - Metalhand Cursor Lohan2wt4fl6
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Cool - Metalhand Cursor
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